Rights of Members

The coop members are the legal owners of this cooperative. They have the power and authority to make or break the coop.

Powers, Duties & Responsibilities of Members:

  1. Adopt and/or amend the constitution and by-laws and agreements.

  2. Elect and recall directors.

  3. Vote upon appropriations for various purposes, to increase or decrease the capitalization, to decide upon pooling practices and contractual arrangements between members and the cooperative and to decide whether credit should be extended to patrons.

  4. Requires both directors and officers, as well as agents, to run the business legally, and according to the constitution, by-laws and marketing contracts.

  5. Hold directors and officers liable for any damage to the members.

  6. Elect a competent committee to examine the records and audit the book periodically.

  7. Examine the annual reports.

  8. Dissolve or merge the cooperative.

  9. Provide the necessary capital.

  10. Control the cooperative.

  11. Patronize the cooperative.

  12. Assume business risks.

  13. Pay operating costs.

  14. Keep informed, and

  15. Maintain the cooperative.